University of California Post-bac PREP program, Application Deadline is April 1st, 2015. If you are intersted in PREP Please click here for more information.  To apply for the UCSC-PREP please click here.

Undergraduate Programs application for STEM Diversity is now closed. Our 2015-2016 programs application will be available December, 2015.

IMPORTANT: Only UCSC students or transferring UCSC students are eligible for this program.

You can apply to the MARC, IMSD, CAMP and UC LEADS Programs simultaneaously with one application.

The application components include: 

- Completed online Application (this includes essay questions)
- Resume or CV Career Center Resume Guide
- Copy of Your Unofficial Transcripts (just print them from your student portal) 
- Copy of Your Unofficial financial aid support (if you do not get financial aid, you ARE still eligible for the programs, please state in the online application)
- Two letters of recommendation from a faculty or senior staff member (These should be submitted separately. They may be emailed directly from recommender to Effectively obtaining a letter of recommendation

For questions and additional information about the application process, please contact our office at 831-459-4770 or send an email to

If you are unsure or not ready to apply to one of our MARC, IMSD, CAMP, or UC LEADS programs, please look into our RAD (Research Affliates for Diversity) program.

This program offers:

Bio 15: Seminar Course where students learn to present research and give feedback to their peers. 

Community Events: This includes a variety of workshops and events to promote self-growth and professional development

Study Groups & Tutoring Services: You are eligible to participate in facilitated study groups and private tutoring sesions offered each quarter by MARC, IMSD, CAMP, and UC LEADS.

Graduate School Application Support: You are eligible to receive assistance and guidance from the MARC, IMSD, CAMP, and UC LEADS Staff Director regarding Graduate School Application Process.

GRE Preparation Course and Graduate School Application support:  You are eligible to apply for RAD Scholarships.

Journal Club: This is a 2 unit independent study seminar where students learn how to read, evaluate, and discuss scientific journal articles.




Effectively obtaining a letter of recommendation
Career Center Resume Guide
Helpful website about writing your Personal Statement


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