The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development (IMSD) also known as the Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) program, provides participating students with the opportunity to receive an in-depth experience in the academic and experimental aspects of biological research. Funded through the National Institutes of Health, the program consists of a laboratory-training program during the summer and laboratory research projects during the academic year. Graduates of the program have been able to enroll in a wide variety of graduate programs, internships, and professional schools.

Starting with an eight-week summer workshop, IMSD students receive an introduction to the theoretical and practical aspects of laboratory research. Under the guidance of biology and chemistry faculty, students develop their expertise in areas that are basic to their successful participation in a research laboratory.

During the academic year, after successfully completing the summer program, students have the opportunity to work in participating faculty member laboratories where they assist in new or on-going research. Course credit can be arranged by approval of faculty. A yearly national symposium allows students the opportunity to present their research to faculty and students from other schools across the nation.

An hourly-based salary with a maximum of $3500 during the summer and $432/month during the school year.
-Research Supply Allowance
-Travel to Conferences
-Travel to Graduate Schools
-Placement in a UCSC Research Lab
-Program Support for Graduate School Applications 
-Study groups and tutoring services for upper division STEM coursework 
**Students are responsible for their room and board costs during the summer

-Must be currently enrolled as a full time undergraduate UCSC student or an accepted transfer student

-Show successful completion of or must be currently enrolled in the following course work: Biology 20A,B,C; Chemistry 1A,B, Chemistry 108A,B, or 112A and Math 11A,B or Math 19A,B. (Chemistry majors need not have completed Biology 20A,B,C, or 20L)
-Some upper-division biology or chemistry course work experience is desirable, but not required
-Must be pursuing a biomedically related graduate degree after your BA or BS degree
-Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident eligible for work in the U.S.
-Must submit the application packet by the application deadline

***Underrepresented students and those who have overcome socioeconomic hardships are strongly encouraged to apply.***


Application is currently available. Click here to access application.
Application closes on Friday, February 8th, 2019

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