SRI Students Conducting Field Research with Professor Bill Sullivan Week.

Alumna Julie Packard and Executive Director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium gifted UCSC with a tremendous donation that established the Dean's Fund for diversity programs at UCSC . As the student body here on campus has diversified, the student populations in lab have remained static but the Julie Packard fund allows more students to get hands on research. By providing them with 8-week long interships, Packard students will be able to grow academically and professionally develop their skills as the journey through the Summer Research Institute (SRI) and Summer Research Experience (SRE).


Packard funds allow students the opportunity to be part of the Summer Research Institute (SRI) or Summer Research Experience (SRE). The SRI and SRE are 8 week summer research intership programs. The SRI program trains first generation under represented students in the Biomedical majors how to perform lab work and succesfuly gain positions in faculty labs. Students participating in the SRE program work with UCSC's faculty in their labs to gain valuable lab experince, while being introduced to the theoretical and practical aspects of laboratory research.

During the program, many workshops and fieldtrips are included into the summer institute in order to better prepare the students for their research experiences they will have in the Fall, but to also prepare them for when graduate school approaches.


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