SACNAS Incoming STEM Students

Welcome to UCSC!! This page was designed for you, the incoming STEM student. This will be your one stop destination for everything you might be looking for whether it is tutoring or research opportunities!


Campus Tutoring:

Research Opportunities:

STEM Communities:

Studying on Campus:


Quick Tips:

Quick Tip #1: If you find yourself struggling or runing short on time when taking exams you might qualify to get additional accomaodations from the Dissability Resource Center. 

Quick Tip #2: Need a printer? The ARC center offers free printing for EOP students!

Quick Tip #3: Are you having trouble managing your time? Why not organize yourself and fill out a time managment chart?

Quick Tip #4: Not sure about a professor teaching style or difficulty? Why don't you check their "Rate my Professor" Page?

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