oSTEM (Out in Stem)

Oarteze Hunter, Stevie Nystrom, Tyler DeWitt, and Hannah Maul

oSTEM Officers: Oarteze Hunter, Stevie Nystrom, Tyler DeWitt, and Hannah Maul-Newby

About oSTEM

oSTEM is a UCSC recognized club started by four Graduate Students in the Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology Department. The purpose of this club is to increase the representation and visibility of queer people in science. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for young and aspiring queer scientists (and allies) to learn about current research, in addition to facilitating conversations about being queer in STEM. We aim to help individuals establish a stronger identity in STEM by seeing/meeting successful queer scientists while also learning about some great science.

To accomplish this, we are recruiting established scientists who also identify as LGBTQ+ to come to UCSC and give a two-part seminar outlined below:

  1. First, a research talk about the current work being done in their lab. (~ 45 min)

  2. Lunch and social where food will be provided (~ 30 min)

  3. For those interested, a discussion of personal experiences as a queer scientist. (~ 45 min)

Upcoming Seminars

April 19th- Professor Laura Burrus from San Francisco State University in Biomed 200 1:30-3:30pm

 Dr. Burrus utilizes chick embryos to study the mechanisms underlying Wnt signaling in order to better understand birth defects and cancer development.   

Upcoming Fundraising Events

TBD -MCD T-Shirt Sale!

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