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STEM Diversity Programs Director Email: Office Location: JBE 135  
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Email: Lab: Ted Holman Research Lab Office: Physical Sciences Building, 250
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seth rubin
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Jennifer Abrego Ruiz, MARC scholar
No Current Research
Fabiola, PREP scholar
Investigating the cell of origin for bladder cancer and the roles of epigenetic regulator genes
Sarah Beth Avila, PREP scholar
No Current Research
Elucidating the mechanism of alternative 3' splice site selection in C. elegans.
Daniel Bautista-Acevedo, UC LEADS scholar
Investigating conserved mechanisms that control cell growth and size in yeast cells.
Shevelle Brown, PREP scholar
No Current Research
No Current Research
Krizia Chamber, IMSD
Elucidating the molecular subtypes of Osteosarcoma
Lab Rotations
Milton Contreras Media, Packard Scholar
Investigating the molecular mechanisms and development organization of long distance cortical circuits using the mouse visual cortex as a model.
structurally characterizing engineered influenza antigens to understand antigens' mechanism of eliciting a broadly protective immune response for flu vaccine development
Applying mucosal microbiology to understand goblet cell biology in order to study non-enveloped RNA viruses known as astroviruses, a leading cause of diarrheal illness worldwide.
Gerardo Duenas, PREP scholar
Analyzing changes in neuronal development and cortical arrangement in mice after conditional knockouts of neuronal differentiation genes.
Optimizing RNA extraction assay from clinical FFPE tumor tissue
I aim to determine alkalinity and dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) using pore water extracted using anaerobic rhizons in the Elkhorn Slough.
Investigating the Utility of Unique Molecular Identifiers in (UMIs) in reducing PCR bias in sequencing-based analysis of RNA structure
No Current Research.
Martin Gutierrez, MARC student
Post-transcriptional control of gene expression
Casey Heaney, IMSD grad
I use mass spectrometry to probe the chemical interactions of the cheese rind microbiome.
Natalie Hermosillo, UC LEADS
My research investigates the processes that transport ions throughout wetlands to explore the correlation between major anion concentrations and net carbon burial.
I'm developing algal neurotoxins into chemical tools for neurodegeneration, pain, and basic neuroscience research.
Sophie Jimenez, IMSD grad
Lab Rotation
Mel Jones, UC LEADS scholar
Engineer a mushroom enzyme IboH to achieve a novel C-C cyclization similar to Non-Heme Fe2+/αKG – Dependent Dioxygenases, which is essential to medicinal chemistry.
Summer Jordan, IMSD Grad
Investigating age-dependent tolerance to fibroblast activation following influenza infection
Maria Juarez, MARC scholar
No Current Research
Working with Drosophila Melanogaster to figure out the mechanistic, and biological pathways that give rise to Amyloid Beta plaques which cause Alzheimer’s Disease.
Skar Lopez, MARC student
My goal is to help the Cortez Lab, find the mechanism in which astrovirus infect goblet cells.
No Current Research
Mustapha Major, PREP scholar
Investigating the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying the development of neural connectivity in mouse visual cortex.
Lab Rotations
Melinda Martinez, CAMP scholar
Analyzing the fate and distribution of organic pollutants in karstic aquifers.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
Daryl Miranda, Packard program
Researching interplay and tunability of perovskite nanoparticles.
No Current Research.
I develop protocols for studying genomics using nanopore sequencing.
Samuel Mussetter, MARC scholar
Isolation of novel bioactive marine natural products with an emphasis on 1D and 2D NMR
Alegra Negrete, CAMP scholar
No Current Research
Caitlyn Nojiri, UC LEADS scholar
Investigating the propagation of cosmic rays and their potential effects on living organisms.
Molecular mechanism of PCH-2 during prophase of meiosis I.
Paloma Perez MARC scholar
Studying the molecular mechanisms behind telomere length regulation.
Meredith Reyes, MARC scholar
No Current Research
Abram Rodriguez, CAMP Scholar
We are trying to figure out the role fibroblast play in immunopathology and how age plays a role in the immune response in the lung.
Lab Rotations
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
Mathew Sarti, MARC student
No Current Research
Samantha Scarlett, Packard scholar
Synthesizing Chemically Diverse Cyclic Peptides for Drug Discovery
Lab Rotations
Comparing diving behavior and physiology of two closely related semi-aquatic garter snakes.
Quantifying live microscopy images of single cells to analyze the presence of specific regulators of the cell cycle.
Sandy Vang, PREP scholar
Characterizing the effects of haploinsufficiency in the transcription factor called Satb2 in respect to cerebral cortex development.
In the Johnstone lab, I aim to synthesize small molecule model compounds with an assortment of diols to investigate the electronics of the antimony-oxygen interaction found in antileishmanial drugs.
Savanna Wright, MARC scholar
Exploring the morphology and function of California Moray eel tooth curvature in oral jaws compared to pharyngeal jaws.
No Current Research