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Yeli Daza
Contact Information Email: Office Location: JBE 137
Email: Lab: Ted Holman Research Lab Office: Physical Sciences Building, 250
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Characterizing Period2 (PER2) acetylation within the mammalian circadian clock.
Working to predict compound marine heatwave and low chlorophyll events using random forests.
Analyzing relationships between the abundance of native and non-native plants in urban gardens.
Alternative 3' splicing in C. elegans.
Conducting video analysis on endangered captive black abalones to study their behavior.
Using a PCR, to create a modified genetic screen in S. cerevisiae.
Interested in researching healthcare disparities faced by low-income BIPOC families.
Analyzing the gill arches of Gymnothorax mordax.
Developing a protein structure for H3 influenza.
Recording feeding behaviors of arowanas.
Using a genetic screen to identify factors that alter the use of splice sites in the worm C. Elegans.
Focusing on the retinoblastoma protein (Rb) and understanding its structure using its homolog.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
Researching how climate change impacts the distribution of the gray-crowned rosy finch along the Eastern Sierra.
Stabilizing CLOCK PAS B and possible mutant for NMR and BLI with thermal assays.
Connecting the known DNA Damage Role of KIN17 to the Novel Splicing Role in C. elegans.
No Current Research.
Assisting my lab mentor investigate the role of Wnt signaling along with the genes/pathways that define adult prostate basal progenitor cells.
No Current Research.
Researching the impact of transcriptional activation on nucleosomal positioning and transcriptional regulation.
Working with Drosophila Melanogaster to figure out the mechanistic, and biological pathways that give rise to Amyloid Beta plaques which cause Alzheimer’s Disease.
Carbon Cloth Supported Bismuth-Based Electrocatalysts for Artificial Nitrogen Fixation.
Investigating molt phenology in Northern Elephant seals.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
Conducting research on histone mutations that have genetic interactions with the conserved chromatin remodeling factor, Spt5.
No Current Research.
Computationally investigating the expression levels of lncRNAs in Alveolar Macrophages induced with Acute lung Injury.
Molecular mechanism of PCH-2 during prophase of meiosis I.
No Current Research.
Conducting a genome-wide approach in budding yeast to identify and functionally characterize Wolbachia effector proteins.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.
Investigating the genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying development of the mammalian cerebral cortex.
Analyzing data from column experiments that tested the use of soil amendments in a managed aquifer recharge site.
Working on trying to understand the mechanisms that operate cell growth and cell size.
Comparing diving behavior and physiology of two closely related semi-aquatic garter snakes.
Quantifying live microscopy images of single cells to analyze the presence of specific regulators of the cell cycle.
No Current Research.
No Current Research.