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Director, STEM Diversity Research Programs Email: Office Location: JBE 135  
Graduate Advisor, STEM Diversity Research Programs Email: Office Location: JBE 133
Program Coordinator, STEM Diversity Research Programs Email: Office Location: JBE 137
CUIP Marketing and Administrative Intern
Email: Lab: Ted Holman Research Lab Office: Physical Sciences Building, 250
Contact Information Email: Program: IMSD Lab: Jurica Lab
seth rubin
Contact Information Email: Program: MARC Lab: Rubin Lab
Contact Information Email: Program: PREP Lab: The Sullivan Lab
Development of a Murine Intestinal Air-Liquid-Interface Cell Culture Model and Analysis of TM4SF4 and TM4SF5's Roles in HuAstV Entry
In first-year rotations.
Exploring functional connectivity formation in human neural organoids.
Identifying potent anti-Wolbachia compounds to be used in combating neglected tropical diseases.
I will utilize genomic methods to study the molecular causes of undiagnosed pediatric genetic diseases and identify novel biomarkers for potential clinical impact.
I study the binding kinetics between respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) G glycoprotein binding with isoforms of the human chemokine receptor CX3CR1.
How fermented agricultural waste biofertilizer impacts plant and soil microbiome interactions.
Investigating splicing inhibition through mutation within the branch point binding pocket of the spliceosome in (s.cerevisae ) yeast.
Rotation student
I research recombination in meiosis using C. elegans.
Creating a molecular network to help in identifying metabolites associated with cancer
Understanding the developmental dynamics of cortico-cortical projection neurons in the mouse visual cortex.
Elucidating role of the oncogene LMO2 in normal mammary epithelial cells
Investigating the role of sleep in DNA damage and repair.
Investigating the mechanism of gene activation by B-MYB, a pro-proliferative transcription factor that activates genes during G2/M cell-cycle phases.
My research focuses on the molecular events that initiate cell cycle entry and control cell growth/size.
I am understanding the functional role of tumor suppressor protein p16 in the cell cycle.
In the Colquitt Lab, I am investigating the molecular mechanisms of experience-dependent neural circuit development in songbirds.
Data Interpretation of Large Cosmological Surveys to model tidal stripping of stellar mass across massive binary galaxy systems haloes
I am interested in pathogenesis and host-pathogen interactions.
We are testing the effects of two missense mutation in ABeta in vivo in a Drosophila model.
Implementing and Characterizing a Vector Vortex Coronagraph in an Extreme Adaptive Optics Laboratory Testbed for Exoplanet Imaging.
Eliana Headshot
Investigating and aiming to better understand how MAPK activity regulates chromatin accessibility in ESCs (embryonic stem cells).
Samuel Mussetter, MARC scholar
Marine-derived natural product drug discovery with an emphasis on NMR spectroscopy and mass spectrometry
Localization of spindle assembly checkpoint components.
Studying the consequences of enteric viral infection, specifically Astrovirus, on oral tolerance by examining goblet cell-associated antigen passages (GAPs) and their role in gut immunity.
My research aims to refine intrinsic signal optical imaging techniques to accurately map the mouse visual cortex, revealing the complex interplay of functional specialization and connectivity among its various cortical areas
I am investigating mutations influencing the efficacy of splicing an inserted intron in S. Cerevisiae to determine factors that affect splicing rates.
Analyzing mechanisms of cell cycle progression in various types of cancer.
Lab Rotations
Investigating the genetic basis of antibiotic resistance to elucidate drug binding mechanisms of fluoroquinolones in Uropathogenic E. Coli (UPEC).
Through the utilization of sequence alignments and protein chemistry, I contribute to research in the Michael Stone Laboratory aiming to isolate and purify the pol-𝛂-primase protein complex associated with the function of the ribonucleoprotein telomerase.
I'm researching ways to enhance heavily doped bismuth ferrite for more effective water splitting, aiming to develop a cleaner and efficient method for hydrogen production using sunlight.
I research the molecular mechanisms that control cell size and cell growth.
By using neuroscience and electrical engineering principles I hope to uncover the underlying logic of neural circuits that give rise to complex behavior and intelligence.
Investigating regulators of cell growth.
Molecular mechanisms that initiate cell cycle entry
The transcriptional response of H. pylori in a lactate environment
T. brunnea grazing effect on M. pyrifera gametophyte recruitment and reproduction
Developing and implementing tests for the HDLAgent, focusing on creating unit tests for the new API interface and setting up a framework for regression tests.
Investigating the molecular mechanism of IGF2BP3 upregulation on target oncogene and relation to m6A modification