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Student presenting her lab results
CAMP is a statewide initiative that aims to support and retain underrepresented undergraduates as they earn degrees in the biological sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, and engineering. CAMP programs motivate participants through cooperative learning, internships, faculty-mentored research, and travel to professional conferences.
Student working on a lab experiment
The IMSD grad program increases the research competitiveness of underrepresented students at the graduate level to facilitate their progress toward a career in biomedical research and related fields.
Student working on a lab
MARC offers research training to participating honors students to help prepare them to compete successfully for entry into graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. in the biomedical sciences.
PREP provides individuals from underrepresented groups who have recently obtained their baccalaureate degrees with intensive research experience to strengthen their candidacy for admission to the nation’s strongest Ph.D. programs in the biomedical sciences.
Student working on her lab
The RAD program is geared for students in all STEM disciplines. RAD students are eligible to participate in a seminar course where students learn to present research and give feedback to their peers as well as RAD community events, mentoring, and other activities to promote research and STEM mastery.
SRE is a research-focused summer program where students from the MARC, CAMP, and UC LEADS programs work with faculty in their labs and learn the theoretical and practical aspects of laboratory research. Recommended for students already in a lab or with lab experience.
Students working on their lab report
The Dean’s Fund for Diversity in Science provides scholarships for students to be a part of the Summer Research Institute (SRI) or Summer Research Experience (SRE).
SRI is an eight-week summer internship research program for students in the MARC, CAMP, and UC LEADS programs. The SRI program trains first-generation, underserved students in biomedical-related majors how to perform lab work and successfully gain positions in faculty labs.
Students showing off their lab experiments
The UC Leads program is designed to engage and educate California's future leaders by preparing promising students for advanced education in science, technology, mathematics and engineering (STEM).